Hunting Site- 62,625 Words Published

1st Fage : 9 Keywords in 1st Page
2nd Page : 6 Keywords in 2nd Page
3rd Page: 18 Keywords in 3rd Page
4th Page:26 Keywords in 4th Page

  • Site URL: *************.com
  • Selling Price: $450 (negotiable)
  • Site Age: 2 Years but started work last 4 months
  • Monetization Method: Amazon Affiliates
  • Selling Reason: Doing Job and Not Enough Time
  • 30 Day Support From Seller: No

What Is Included With The Sale?

Just the website

Suggestion To New Owner

Content publish

Backlink Profile

  • Type of Backlink: Guest Post
  • No PBN links were made


  • Total words published: 62,625
  • Total Contents Published: 29
  • Source of content: Hired a writer
  • Content Uniqueness: 100% unique


  • Total Earned: $8.26
  • Major Source of Revenue: Amazon affiliate
  • Major Sources of Expense: Content
  • Ongoing Expense: domain, hosting, backlink, content


GA is not installed on the site

Note From Seller

Need Some Backlink and Content Publish

Interested To Buy or Know More?

    Disclaimer: While we try our best to check all the listings and verify the information, it is not possible for us to go through every listing and check the authenticity of the seller’s information. As a buyer, it is up to you to do your due diligence and check everything before making the payment. Whatever you need, ask us and we’ll try to get it from the seller. If you buy the site and later find out there is any problem, Fire Flipper will not be responsible for that.

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